Friday, April 20, 2007

I took a break from searching for my keys. I looked at feministe, and saw a link to this heartbreaking post.

Now people are defending kiddie porn! Man, that's too bad to be on post feminism watch. Note in the stupidfree post that young children are being freaked out by disgusting porn. Please put filters on because sometimes I'm like "I'm not old enough to view this" and I'm like 23. Fight against pop ups with firefox too. Don't let your child be freaked out by giant giant penises.

Also, please do not download giant folders of poorly labeled porn off other's computers.
Again, don't do it!

AlsoPorn- it's racist.

More thoughts on porn: I can't ignore a person in pain or a person suffering or a person being exploited even if there are naked people involved.

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