Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sistersong needs donations for scholarships for young women to be able to attend a special event.

Heart is mad at me for calling her a transphobe. I like epithets for people- so I'll often put "White rad fem Spotted Elephant" or "White feminist Jill". Heart's is just "That transphobic Heart". I don't think it makes her a bad person to be transphobic, I'm not as good about this as I should be, either. It's just that if you want to say stuff that people think is transphobic, people will say that they think you are one.

Strange lady thinks it's better to euthanize a perfectly fine healthy infant rather than adopt it out.
Stupidfreers can tell that she is not every feminist ever!!!

Memphians, please send email to radio [at] wkno.org about how we should get at least some day time talk! We don't need all day classical music- we need our Science Friday!

Also, random internet people, I constantly get swollen bumps on my underarms. What would you do?

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