Monday, April 09, 2007

Etsy argues: is ebegging ok? What does admin think etsy users ask. There is a whole site devoted to begging for money from internet strangers. I'm not sure if I can complain much although I do give people products in exchange for funding me. I think people are a bit overly self righteous though. While I'm more likely to give to Doctors Without Borders than a chip in fund, it's not like the ebeggers are making us give them money or they say that we can't give to the camera fund and the Doctor fund. Also, donation thread. New thread about the topic. Should etc be hidden?

Also, apparently poor people can spend their money on whatever they damn well please. This has some connection to the sort of undertone that if you're not working five jobs as you have done since you were five(when all you got for a twelve hour day was a nickel and a smack in the eye) you can't ever ask for anything.

Ooooh! I'm totally reminded now! Stupid policies starve Africans. You know, buying the food from developing nations would help make their economy better over there, instead of sending our stuff over there! With a stronger economy, they'd be better able to be self sufficient is my opinion.

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