Friday, April 06, 2007

Ann Althouse yells at this white lady for no reason. It is believed that the white woman has breasts. Also, the mentally ill have done nothing to be compared to Ann Althouse.

Also, contact netflix if you want them to carry a certain film, if you've made a film and you want them to carry that film, etc.

I hate snap preview
. Now, I am usually doing ten different things at once- during one of these blog posts, I may also be oppressing the white man, typing a paper and selling people things, but I don't like too much stimulation in different modes at once. I like blogs with nice quiet text, not stuff moving around or too much youtube. Seriously, when I'm reading your treatise on why dancing on tables isn't empowering, I don't want unrelated things popping up in my face. I know your blog isn't going to link to goatse, so I don't need a preview of links, if I want that link, I right click, and open it in a new tab, like any middle class person with any sense would!

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