Sunday, April 29, 2007

The boss chracter speaks! You know, when I find things boring, you know what I do? I don't engage with them. *is an adult, though*. I wish I had a copy of the games people play. Then I'd know the real name of this game. You see, all players know that stormy will fly off the handle and do something strange if pushed. But it's hard for them not to push stormy- they like feeling justified in their anger. So stormy flies off and does something strange! Then it's all weird- like if stormy does something strange to one person, everyone is mad, but the other players on that side are not responsible for pushing stormy, who they all know will do something strange. Then when stormy goes off and does something strange, the players can feel angry, and get positive strokes and praise. And then they can continue the game, justified in their stormy pushing behavior, so then stormy gets pushed again, and then the game continues. I say, stormy as she is the main person doing something bad in this iteration of the game. The next target for pushing will be the next person in the next game. It is very hard for shannon, to not enable this game playing, because bad shannon is amused, and good shannon wants everyone to be friends(bad shannon- is very mean, delights subtly in the misery of all people. good shannon- wants everyone to be friends. Very difficult to maintain) Is belledame's favorite ego state the adapted child in which rebelling against one's 'parent' is encouraged? I don't know. I just like saying bad things about people in a passive aggressive manner.

And not everyone thinks it's OK to hire prostitutes.

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