Monday, April 23, 2007

A quote from the NY Times:

Most striking, here and throughout the country, is the large racial disparity. In Mississippi, infant deaths among blacks rose to 17 per thousand births in 2005 from 14.2 per thousand in 2004, while those among whites rose to 6.6 per thousand from 6.1. (The national average in 2003 was 5.7 for whites and 14.0 for blacks.)

Also, proof of the rumor about certificates of attendance:

Students who have completed all graduation requirements will be awarded a regular diploma. Students who
complete all graduation requirements but who have not passed the required competency tests or made
passing scores on the required gateway tests (English II, Algebra I, and Biology) will be awarded a
certificate of attendance

Another way over testing is shafting our kids.

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