Sunday, April 22, 2007

Oooh!!1 I'm sooo excited! Ok, I clicked over from witchy's and then was sort of confused. A full quater of my brain power is on what sexual positions I am experienced enough to attempt as far as penatrative sex, and I spent at least half an hour talking lip glitter with a woman on the internet, so I was like huh. Then I realized it. This was pure comedy gold!!! This is the perfect post feminist screed! Woman choosing political position based on fashion? Check. I love men and sex!!! Check. OMG, you're so mean!!!! Check. No understanding of psychology? Check.

I really don't like post feminism in any of it's incarnations of which I see three. A)The sort of clueless coed type. They would be feminist, but it's not cute. What would the boys think? B)The sort of lady who is against the very worst of abuses- she understands why outlawing all abortions ever may not be a good idea or why requiring all women not to work may not exactly make any sense, but they don't understand systematic sexism. C)The it's all about me feminist. Her allegiance to feminism is based on who likes her that day, what's in fashion(if grunge is in- she's a feminist! But if tube tops are in- not!) and whether people like her hobbies. As I think one's politics should be guided by what is right rather than what is cute this season, this annoys me.

All three represented in post
feminist bingo:

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