Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I really don't like post feminists! How to tell if you may be arousing my ire!!

1)You think wearing a gold digger skirt * is an actual feminist statement.

2)You haven't put together the fact that more women than men just happen to hate hair, and have to shave everything but thier heads and their arms, even though men have more body hair.

3)You think that feminism's political positions should be based on what men who think that the Suicide Girls are the height of feminism and the sort of girl who thinks that the WTO conference is designed to end poverty in Africa think.

4)You think that just because someone has labia their choices are automatically above criticism.

5)You would be against women getting less pay for more work, but some mean feminist said that shaving your hoo ha wasn't a feminist statement, so you can't be against that then!

6)You are totally so much cooler than those girls who are so weak and stupid as to feel pressured to do sexual things they aren't comfortable with! Teenagers are always self assured and confident.

7)The patriarchy totally doesn't exist because once when I was twelve, this girl said my hair was ugly! It's totally a matriarchy now! Girls are so mean, because I'm super hot and cool!!!

8)You think feminism is all about individual women doing whatever they want, instead of women(and concerned men) working for the good of women as a whole)

*I love the skirt, but it's not exactly breaking down barriers for women.

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