Tuesday, April 17, 2007

ONTD starts the racist stupid about the virgina tech murders.

Small children really are very talented. Note: child is 8.

Walter Mosley is awesome. Yay, black people!!

I think Nikki Giovanni is in this part of talk of the nation.

Son of the drug wank.
Plz to not ask how to get mail order needle exchange on poor skills!(friends locked, please join for lulz)

Note: this post took 2 minutes of extra work. I remembered the npr stuff from stuff I heard in my car.

Another note: I like the Daily Show mocking idiots who mixed up gay with transgendered. Not to mention, gay does not equal public restroom sex. And many transgendered people have really good taste in outfits. Ok, many cisgendered people really suck in their taste in clothing too.

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