Friday, April 20, 2007

I have no knowledge of the important news events of the day because NPR is not avaliable during my daytime car rides anymore. So without further ado, hip hip. From Bossip via ONTD, but they friendslocked the post like pussies. Stupidfree should open their post too, some asshole rapper guy did something that is just wrong- (video here, scroll past wordy nonsense) Some people in the comments say that it's the girl's fault for dressing like a whore, but come on people. Now, I wouldn't let a 14 year old out of the house dressed like this but my smugness would be short lived as she probably would sneak and put on the clothes anyway. That's no excuse to fake rape a 14 year old on stage. I think that this shows a low respect for our young women of color! Think about it: would a man fake ass sex on stage with some dude even if he was shirtless and wearing only sexy shorts? I'm all for the dry humping, but no kids, folks. Keep it between adults!

Note on consent: I'm always shady about folks who are like she really wanted it. She probably was too shocked or simply unable to get away. Actually, imagine that you're a 14 year old girl. An average one, not like your genius self who went to college at age 12, and could kill pedos with your laser eye balls. Would you not feel pressured by the mere presence of a crowd of thousands?

Of course, we also have the she straddled him once so it's ok to dry hump her and drag her around! Just like if you pay a whore for a blowjob, you totally can get random anal that you didn't pay for!*

*Don't do this- it's rape

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