Monday, April 23, 2007

I don't like fluffy feminists. Black women get boyfriends with hair on their legs, without bikini waxes, without slathering a fuckton of makeup all over their face. I'm also not sure about the political commitment of the sort of person who would choose their political beliefs based on what the boooyz thought. For fuck's sake, what if they got a boyfriend that was for voting for Bush? If they are that shallow and vapid, I'd rather not have them in my movement at all. I mean, thinking is unfeminine! What would the booooyz think?

ETA: I think what annoys me about this is the idea that women are inherently irrational and stupid. I think the picture is a lot more complex than the 'what about the airheads' people portray. Seriously, I have seen some girls in my college days, who have worked for feminism, who do sincerely care about women's rights. Just because they are under 30 doesn't mean they can't believe in political causes for actual logical reasons. Not all of us have the value system that what is right is less important than what is popular or what boys like. Supposing a common value system among young women really annoys me. Especially since it's the most stereotypical shit ever. We don't just have idiotic radio stations playing crap about girls who are so whatever we have so called feminists who assume that women are uniformly interested in impressing guys and looking good, when a lot of us may have other priorities in life. It's sort of like the 50s when every woman was thought to have the same goal: wife and mother, regardless of any actual goals the woman might have.

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