Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Great macro.

Falsified confession on the internet as a literary genre.

Amy said something I'm too sleepy to understand but maybe she has some sort of point.

Aunt B recognizes that black people discuss misogyny and that being a stupid white person is wrong. I think not enough people recognize that black people do a lot of cultural critique. How do you guys think I learned to be an evil rad fem? When I was at Emory, black women were questioning what half naked women had to do with basketball. They weren't making up pie in the sky rationalizations for some bullshit- they were asking why.

Piny posts which is of course deserving of a link. Personally I don't care if you call me cisgendered. If a bunch of people want to have a name for us folks who are perfectly fine with our genders as they are, why should I care?

My Zumba class is cancelled for Saturday.

Poly LJ bingo.

American Girl doll photo stories.

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