Saturday, April 28, 2007

Spotted Elephant is trying to quit Cymbalta cold turkey! If you post nice things on her blog, she'll be totally happy and stuff. I tapered off the Paxil, so I didn't have such bad problems.

Twisty reminds me of my own theory about empowerful women. Thier acceptance of feminism does not depend on how nice actual feminists are, but in fact on their own reasons. Some people just feel more strongly that they need approval than other people. I'd rather be right than have some asshole think I'm cute! Ah, good ol' Twisty's, where women who actually would like some sort of connection to the person they are having sex with can speak freely. Also, brain melting description of otherwise cute apron:

The Domestic Goddess Apron is for the hostess with the mostess! A woman's place today is anywhere she wants to be, and the smart, modern woman wants to be there in this retro-chic vintage Domestic Goddess Apron. The aprons are designed in vibrant colours, flirty patterns and figure flattering shapes for today's modern domestic goddess, these romantic visions from a bygone era have become the ultimate fashion accessory in or out of the kitchen.

None of that pesky reading or justice stuff. Just pure consumerism.

Also, I think porn is sort of a sadistic decadence.
It's not mutual, there's none of the give and take in real sex, and sometimes it looks like that stuff hurts. I'm always wondering if the porn star is having any fun there, are they bored, are they sore? I can't enjoy it with all of that.

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