Friday, April 06, 2007

Amanda talks about compulsory femininity. My thought on the sole woman of the captured British personnel wearing a headscarf is that I think you're not supposed to make your captors unnecessarily mad in a hostage situation? So maybe she was like "If I wear some silly thing on my head, maybe they'll free us faster" That's also my theory on the confessions. If some crazy guy wants you to say something weird on TV, and they might free you because of it, well...

Also, Amanda doesn't live in the Big City either. The Big City is an imaginary place full of people who pay over $100 for shoes and think nothing of it. They also never have any societal pressure to do anything in the Big City. In the Big City, people's mothers never tell them to wear pantyhose in church. I think people in the Big City are hatched from pods.

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