Sunday, April 22, 2007

Piny posts, causing everyone to talk about the politics of telling and not telling in rape cases.

On the lighter side, heh.

That transphobic Heart starts a carnival of radical feminists.

The media can't even get studies about honey bees right
and they don't hate and fear honey bees.

Jill writes on the infant mortality rate in Mississippi. Well intentioned, but I think her logic is off. I think this is the chain- high conservatism= high selfishness=demands for lower taxes/no big gov't=lack of funding for programs that help poor people=dead babies. Add religiosity- which helps with an ideology that is pretty fatalistic- some people are blessed, and some are sinners- if you sin by opening your legs, that's it for you. There's also not much support for good sense measures like telling kids about condoms or having better preventative care for the poor. If you're poor, it's your fault. Add a pinch of racism, ok,ok, a lot of racism, and you're looking at a trainwreck.

Also, illegal abortions kill women of color.

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