Friday, May 13, 2005

You know, I don't think dude was whining, but the thing is that there are voices people need to hear and we need to support each other in getting these voices out. The right wing are supporting each other in spewing poison, whether that poison is well written or not. It may sound nice to say "write better", but this is a war of ideas here- just as people need Gillard's war analysis, people also need more pro black, pro Hispanic, pro Asian voices, and more feminist voices. That's why I can't be satisfied with just write better.

Not to mention, I do feel people can tell I'm black, just from my perspective on things. I may address some things to white folks, but I always have a sort of insider knowledge. I can even tell Gillard is black since he uses certain blackish idioms. Although there may be foreknowledge bias. Like he said he was black somewhere and then I noticed it? Anyway, I can't remember which came first. Also, I think it is important to note when people of color are at the fore, so we can not be invisible. So that people can no longer presume the 'norm' is white.

Also, what is considered good writing and good blogging may vary by culture. For example, in the big fight about women and blogging it came out that some people thought that women didn't blog politics because they didn't spend every post blah blah blahing about how Bush rubbed his balls and instead actually posted about something interesting.

My posts may be considered boring not because of my terrible writing style, but because I write about racial issues, which aren't interesting because you might have to think or something. It's like Chez Miscarriage which is totally well written, but not to people who are primed to discount women's voices. If people are primed to only listen to certain viewpoints, even bad proponents of the favored viewpoints that are pushed in the regular media, just being good won't save you. People must read you to tell if you are good or not. The priorities of our culture will control what is considered 'good' and what is paid attention to, and it is those priorities that we aim to change.

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