Friday, May 27, 2005

I think we need to learn to deal with difference. I mean, in this thread it is said that three year olds won't be able to succeed in life because they have saggy draws. The thing is that even if people wear fashions that we personally don't approve of, they can still be good people and work hard. We think if someone does anything in anyway not 'standard' whether it's using African American venacular English around one's pals to not wearing dockers khakis that they are somehow suspect and bad. But sometimes, you just have different ways of doing things.

Another point I have is why do middle class people get so many passes? We're all "well, the poor can only control themselves" but why doesn't anyone tell us to control ourselves? Who is telling the middle class to get off their asses and make the system better for everyone? We have more resources than poor people who are expected to single handily change their situation by conforming to a bunch of random rules. Like people are always saying poor people should work harder. BS. I mean, many jobs that pay crap are hard work, and plus sometimes people have two and three jobs. They say "don't wear X type of clothes" but you know what? My cousins have walked around with my clothes on their backs. Not every family has people who are all poor, and some people may work at a place and get things for discount. Like my aunt gives me Nike stuff. Sometimes people sell stuff on the street and mysteriously it is cheaper than full price. I have ebay, and buy expensive looking clothes there, but poorer people have the thrift shop and the flea market.

The thing is that we can't compel millions of people to somehow become perfect angels by saying they are worthless because they have no money. What we can do is to make the country better for everyone, money or no. Where is personal responsibility for us middle class people? Why aren't we more called upon to change things for our poorer brethren? Where are the speeches calling on us to work to improve things with the extra money and time we have? That's what I wanna know.

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