Monday, May 02, 2005

I wonder why people don't see the solution to bad public schools as actually trying to do something about them instead of the luxury options of homeschooling and private schools? I think this may be a sign of crisis in our society. Instead of investing in everyone, we decide to invest only in rich, mostly white people, who can afford to pull their kids out. We black people- what we get is a voucher, that won't even cover the cost, and plus, kids can be rejected from private schools and left to fester in a system no one invests in because the only students who care about are rich ones. It's just like we can go bankrupt trying to get our kids into the 'right' feeder preschool to try to get our kids into the 'right' private school, or we can agitate for good education for everyone.

Not to mention, it's total BS that private schools are uniformly better, not even to mention charter schools. The facts are against them, but they still want to dismantle the freaking education system. I guess the idea that everyone's kid is a special little snowflake that is too good to go to public school is also prevalent. It's just like why destroy the whole system that made American so prosperous over some dumbass shit about how your kid is too smart to be in school with those darkies or whatever. Your kid ain't a beautiful little snow flake. I went to public school and was smart and all. But you know what? My parents didn't say I was a unique little snowflake that was too good to be with anyone else.

They recognized my talents and advocated for me, but they didn't fill my head with the idea that just because I read a little faster, I was too good to do the assignments, or that I needed a special place because I was just sooo brilliant. I have to deal with the products of "oh, you're a special little snowflake" parenting at college, and I'm sorry to say, but your little snowflakes are douche nozzles.

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