Friday, May 27, 2005

Lindsey Lohan shows why dieting is bad through the use of paparazzi shots. I'd rather have huge thighs than look like a skeleton. Although I have lost 2 pounds all though all I do around here is sit around and eat ice cream. Of course, the fact that I have had to go to the doctor three times in less than two months sucks. I have a mysterious back pain. No one knows what is wrong with it. Also I have to have my lady parts checked every year. So yesterday I had to have those parts examined along with my ear and have blood taken to see if I have thyriod problems(I am always tired and cold). I ended up with prescription alieve and sinus meds along with more birth control. Of course, one funny part is when my doctor recommended dildos, but felt she had to whisper it. You see, my vagina is in need of stretching, so I wanted recommends. I am thinking of maybe getting a nice small dildo after all.

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