Friday, May 06, 2005

How a little privilege caused me to get fucked over.

While not as bad as having disabilities, I still have problems that make my life less easy than others. For example, I don't have a car. I can't just eat out when you, campus coolers, a awful company that deserves something really bad to happen to it, decides that pick up is 5 days before the end of finals. No, walking a mile to get something to eat while starving is a fucking long way for me, fuckfaces. And no, I do not have ten million close buddies to bring me food during finals, asshat. No, I do not have unlimited cash for delivery, fuckholes. Yes, I do get horrible depression when I don't eat, thanks for not asking, idiots. I hate people who make decisions with their fucking easy lives who think that not having any fucking food won't cause us to fail. FUCK YOU, I HOPE YOU DIE. And no, I don't fucking care that I'm a horrible person for not fucking being perfect nor do I need your stupid advice, so don't comment with any or I'll delete it, and think really mean thoughts about you.

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