Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memo for white people*:

1)The rules apply to you. While many people do relax the rules for you, in theory, the rules should apply to you, and sometimes they do. Don't cry about this or you look like a cry baby.
2)Actions have consequences. You can't go around saying racist things and expect people not to think you are a racist. See #1 for why this is so.
3)The world does not revolve around whites. Read a few books, travel a few places, see what the world is really like outside the white bubble. I love black people, but that doesn't mean I can't learn about latinos and Asians and whites, you dig? If you think every great or important thing was done by a white person, you need to educate yourself-you may have been failed, but there's no use in failing yourself.
4)Some things are your responsibility Slavery isn't just over when it's time for you to try to escape responsibility for racism. Books and google are available to whites.
5)Lying and making excuses makes you look racist It's true. Don't say "but I have a black friend" "but I don't have the time"(you seem to have plenty of time to run down non whites) or whatever foolishness you are about to cook up.
6)Personal responsibility doesn't stop with poor black women. See #1 and #4. Don't say a bunch of stuff if you aren't going to do anything yourself. It makes you look like a hypocrite. If you say you value personal responsibility, take some yourself.
7)Most of the time, you should have your mouth closed. Listening can cause you to learn things. This is very valuable. Also, would you expect me to be able to make a coherent and factual argument on the role of the structure of the brain in schizophrenia, when I have actively avoided reading any books about it, and the only information I have about it is that I have gathered from movies and maybe the dictionary definition of schizophrenia? You'd think I was an idiot if I tried to argue even an undergrad psych student. That's how you sound when you discuss race. I understand the mass media does not make it easy for one to have an informed and nuanced sense of race, but it also doesn't make it easy for me to have much knowledge on nuclear physics either.

*Why don't I say some white people? Because I find that people tend to mentally put themselves in the 'good group' when 'some' is used. Also, people say "black people" not some black people when they are condemning us. They might point out a 'good negro' while condemning us all, or try to make whole groups of people 'good negroes' , but that's not the same device as 'some'. The people talked to are never part of the some.

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