Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I was reading slacktivist and you know, one thing I never understand is when people say people in cities don't have yards or greenspace. Like what? Is this a northern thing or something? In Memphis,(south memphis if it helps), all my relatives and their neighbors seem to have yards. My granddad before he died was able to cultivate a garden and sell food out of it from his yard. In Atlanta, there are yards and parks and suchlike. Also, there is the desire to build a beltline of transit and green space around the city. There seems to be some support judging from the amount of people that signed cards supporting it at the Iman Park Festival, although I was just a random person handing things out and suchlike.

Also, I don't get why people think they can do nothing about the amount of greenspace- even getting some kids to clean up an abandoned lot and plant flowers on it can improve things. I don't get other people, I guess.

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