Sunday, May 08, 2005

Why I hate White people

My friend was describing an assignment to me. His teacher gave groups different materials from his group with like two highlighters and crappy paper, to other groups who had glue, tape, scissors, issues of National Geographic,etc, and told all the groups to make a picture about the ethnic issues of the Serbs and the Muslims. No words were allowed to be used. Then after the pictures were done, people voted on the best pictures. Naturally the groups with the good resources won, even though many of them had used words from their National Geographics that actually were on the conflict. My friend reported that he felt resentment, even though the stakes were just whether he would get a good grade in the class.

Expand that. Make the stakes higher, the resources more important, and have the groups with resources rub it in your face that they have them and insult you for not having them. If you can't relate this to the title, you're doing something wrong.

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