Friday, May 27, 2005

Viva la smartland! Orson Scott Card has lost his fucking mind. You know why us 'smart land' people don't have our hearts breaking over a fucking stupid flag? Because our hearts fucking break over hungry kids, women dying because they have been denied medical care, and people being bombed for no reason. And dude, the thing is that the Muslims have their own lives and agendas. They don't live to have some white man talk about whether their actions are 'mature' or not. I mean seriously, we are in Iraq for no reason, but we expect respect. I'm sorry, but it's near impossible to have a war on another country without someone getting murdered. So basically we're condoning murder because we're fucking scared of the bogey fucking man, and they are supposed to kiss our fucking asses and say "Oh, please mr American, love me".

You think you're oppressed here Mr. Card, try China. I think it'll be more to your liking, especially with the lack of press freedom. Oh yea, and if any more morons say that blacks are anti intellectual because they heard that a black kid made fun of a nerd, I'm shoving this and a million other similar columns in their faces. There's a fucking cult of stupid here, and I'm supposed to think that's alright just because the people are white.

Rant aside, here is the google news for this story, so you can decide who you believe.

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