Saturday, May 28, 2005

I have morning insomnia(i.e. I woke up at 6:00 and am unable to go back to sleep) so I will rant. Yesterday, I talked about how it is perfectly possible for three year olds to succeed in life even if they have droopy pants. I wonder why other similarly extreme fashions never get picked on. Let's take my favorite, elegant gothic lolita. Now even hot topic has a 'gothic lolita' dress. It's a mostly white and Asian dominated fashion, so you never hear people say "You'll never succeed wearing poofy petticoats" even though you'd probably not be 'professional' if you wore this to work. Even the more popular gothic fashion evokes more OMG freaks, you'll shoot up the school type hysteria than "you'll never succeed in life wearing that!"

Even white kids who wear the same saggy pants don't get the whole "you'll never succeed in life with baggy pants" rhetoric. Why is that? With white kids, people think that little Jonny is in a phase, even if that phase involves gang raping some chick, but if a black kid slips up it is assumed they are doomed for life, even if the slip up is confined to questionable fashion choices. Maybe we should try to support our kids. Instead of being like "OMG, you'll never succeed" say "you will succeed" and try to give them the right tools to succeed. Many of our kids have talent, they have drive, and they work hard. However, you have to invest in them and support them. And no, tough love don't count.

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