Saturday, May 07, 2005

2005-05-07 06:21:59 PM FarkmeBlind


Look in this thread. Look at this article. Belittling people based on their beliefs, mocking and insulting them... it's unending.

Yeah, so xtians are finally getting some of what they've been giving for the last 1500-some years. Cry me the farking Jordan river.

Funny, xtians, white men, power brokers of all kinds have been telling those not like them to "STFU and get over it, you lost" for millennia. What goes around does eventually come around.

I find it interesting that those most likely to say "STFU" are the first ones to whine "discrimination!!!" when it's their turn.

You know what? Cry discrimination for about 400 years. Maybe then you'll get a listen. Until then, STFU and GBTW.

*whip crack*

An insightful post from fark. One of my odd beliefs is about karma. I think I get it from my mother who is graduating with her masters today(my brother is graduating with his degree in recording engineering, but that's not important) She says that she thinks that whites are secretly worried that people will get them back for the dirt they have done. Now, we can't really prove this either way- how can you tell if someone is secretly worried? But this sort of belief has a comforting harmony. If you gain something, you have to give something up. If you do evil, something bad is going to happen to you. Although, for those who really are worried, what most of us want, in my opinion, is merely a real sincere apology. Not lies, not I'll just say this so they'll shut up, but a real apology. We also want you to fix the problems that have given you unwarranted advantages. Maybe you can't fix 400 years of oppression, but equal schools, jobs, health care,etc would go a long way towards showing that it's not going to happen again while you are alive. Also, it shows that you weren't lying about the apology- no matter what you say,how you act shows your true character.

That's why I get so mad about the denial, and the lying. If you say that racism has been solved, when it hasn't-how can I trust you not to go back? Progress doesn't happen by itself- it happens through hard work. Even great advances can go back if we don't maintain them. It's like thermodynamics- if you put no energy in, things are going to devolve. That's an important lesson.

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