Friday, May 06, 2005

I skimmed through he's not that into you, and made an independent bookseller quite angry. (sorry, I love books and all- but I'm not paying $15 to hear that sort of mess when I can skim it in the store) And basically, the message of the book is that no men want to date you. ever. You can ask a man out, but he's secretly laughing, because men want you to believe that asking them out will cause them to date you. Plagarizing off another web site, sadly, no. Men exist only to not date you. You better not call them either. If you call them, they win, as they get out of doing the work and having the thrill of the chase. So basically, you're doomed to be alone. Kill yourself.

But in cheery news, to appease the anger of a poor struggling white man, and because I wanted it anyway, I got Step into a World, yet another black anthology. Lately, I've been into them- I've read Mending the World, which is mostly comprised of novel excerpts, and Dark Matter, which includes the great story Space Traders about what would happen if aliens came and asked for all the black folks in trade for stuff(you already know the answer) I love anthologies because I really don't know what I want to read, and there's got to be at least one good story in them. Of course, they are all used,so the prices are lower than they would be otherwise.

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