Thursday, May 19, 2005

Lolita Snap has new rules. This guy is pretty bold in his fashion. Go guy in tutu, go.

After reading this interview, I might actually buy this guy's book. But what is up with that interviewer? Like she talks about some stupid 'balance'. I'm sorry, but did Cosby have LaQuita from the hood debating his points? Did he say "well, there is a lot of racism in society, but.." I don't think that happened. It's just like pro black folks are expected to bring a whole lot more to the table than anti black folk. Folks can get away with beating up on poor women and kids without a fact or a footnote to their name, but try to say, hey, maybe there's other factors here, and all the facts in the world won't save you.

Also, here's a great essay to print out and read on the toilet. (I read the whole thing online, personally, but reading on the toilet seems to have a special do what you can air to it) My favorite part is about how people are groping towards something they don't know exists yet. In our own ways, we are all looking for something. Also, the desire for exceptionalism reminded me of the person who always wants to be the one good black person. Who insists that no black person ever studied, went to his job on time, or didn't smoke crack before him/her. I understand the impulse in a way. Wouldn't it be terribly tempting to be the one exception? The one black person that was so good they couldn't deny? To be able to say "hey, I'm better than you. I'm not a nigger" I'm sure that is very fulfilling self esteem wise. But it's sure as heck not very useful on our journey.

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