Wednesday, May 25, 2005

It's time for the hypocrisy exposure of the day. My big pet peeve is people who act all self righteous about blogs having tip jars. Like this ditz is like get a job, as if having some code up on your site precludes you from having a job. Come on lady, you even have google ads up. I bet she didn't run up her huge debt donating to charity. It's just like how does she know we don't have jobs? I usually have two, but that's apparently not sucking it up enough. It's just think before you open your mouth,ok? Also, this woman decides to have an unprofessional and stupid rant on her business blog(CLUE: you're representing your business even if you don't sell things directly on your blog) It's like she is so stupid she can't just ignore it. Oh, I feel solicited by tip jars, so no one should have tip jars just to satisfy me. I wish I had so few problems that a bit of hustling was so terrible. I do not mind if Steve Gillard has a fund drive, because you know what? If I don't like his funding drives, I can just ignore it. If he wants to earn money blogging, I'm all for it. He's not doing anything illegal or hurting anyone.

I wonder why no one ever says just ignore it to people who complain about minor stuff like this, but when it comes to major important problems like racism or sexism, we're supposed to just suck it up. Hey, if a guy harasses you in the street, you're just oversensitive, and of course, it's just not important if blacks get shot in the street, but somehow being a nasty jerk based on stuff you can just ignore is just fine. Please think before you type, idiots.

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