Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I feel really guilty. I spent $150 on clothes I bought this skirt., the blue skirt on this page, a black and white top(Liz Clariborne), another white top(what brand, I don't know) and a shirt with princess peach(you know, Mario, your princess is in another castle) on it. Also rose socks. I feel bad because I already spent a lot of money at the goodwill($50) Of course, a smart person would tell us all about the evils of sweatshop clothing, but everyone already knows that. I've been spending a lot on clothes lately, it seems. It's just like a trip to England is too good of an excuse to shop to pass up.

I feel in a bit of a bind. On one hand, I'm sorry to say it, but class privilege feels really good. I may dislike having less money than my peers at school, but I must admit that just the idea of going to England is like eating warm bread. On the other hand, I hear the voice of people who always act like if you have a little money, you can't *really* care about the poor.

I guess they are trying to weed out people who just go to one charity ball a year and call it caring about the poor, but it's also applied in really weird places. I have heard it claimed that I can't care about racism because my parents had a bit of luck. Like somehow racism was eliminated because a few black people went on fancy trips or got into a certain school. I understand that people who say this say this only to get people to shut up, they really don't actually care about racism. I mean there have been a few blacks that got to live the good life since forever, but I don't think they were unable to care about their brethren.

Also, I know that if I was poor, then they'd say they couldn't listen to me because I wasn't a successful person and don't you know that means I'm lazy? So this vaguely bothers me. Does blowing hundreds of dollars on clothes make me a bad person? How can I have fun without being too much of an asshole? I'm sure these questions don't have easy answers if any.

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