Sunday, May 29, 2005

It's Unitarian Jihad! In other news, I find it near impossible not to focus on the enormous mountain of work it requires to get a boyfriend. I always have trouble with the small details of appearance, for example, my makeup always disappears and looks non existent, and I always look the same anyway, getting enough energy to go to worthless useless social things I hate it where there's nothing to talk about and you can't hear what people are saying) , joining clubs and stuff so I can meet guys, and endless hours of bad small talk.

Also, some guys are giant assholes. I really don't think it's my fault if they are. I mean, I can blame my bad body language all the day long, but guys choose their own behavior. I can say "Oh, it's all my fault for being attracted to this guy" but on the other hand, it's not like I can read people's minds and predict their future behavior.

NO ADVICE ALLOWED ON THE COMMENTS. IMMEDIATE BANNING WILL FOLLOW. Why do I say this? I really don't need to hear "guys are jerks because you complain about how much you hate rape on the internet"

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