Monday, May 16, 2005

So today, I decided to look at the commercial appeal. That was a dumb idea. On the front page, they had an article (go to for a login) whining about how Yo! Memphis *gasp* funds karate lessons for kids and gives them gift certificates as prizes for achievement. The only so called mismanagement that I even found even slightly questionable was like what? $300. Yes, these people are willing to begrude kids programs to help them, because of $300.

Yes, I am biased because my cousins have been through the program. They have been encouraged to stay in school and even got jobs. One of my cousins who went through the program just graduated Saturday. She's had some hardships, even has a kid. But she got a strong foundation through community support. Most kids don't just suddenly decide to bloom despite the environment. Most kids need a push and encouragement to do so.

If a kid gets some self esteem doing karate and doesn't join a gang, you know what? that just saves everyone money. You save money by investing in the kids. A kid who stays in school and has job skills can produce a lot of things and give back to the community. If you don't give kids anything, you get nothing back. So stop complaining about stuff like this. More than $300 of your tax money has gone to pay politicians who spend all their time eating good food on our dime, and not serving us. More than $300 has gone to blowing up kids in Iraq. So cut the crap,ok? They are all our kids,ok?

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