Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Steve Gillard showed good sense in talking about Bill Cosby. As a pleasantly middle class black person, I'm sick and tired of people acting like somehow you get a bit of money and it makes you a great person. This whole thing reminds me of something bell hooks once said- if you act like no one has any worth unless they have money, then don't be surprised if they kill for it. So basically, we're setting up their situation where if you have a bit of cash, you can call your kid Apple, and it's cool, you can steal a billion dollars, and it's cool, you can send young people off to kill people, and it's cool, but if you're poor, you can't even get food to feed your family without being considered morally deficient, and then wonder why people will resort to criminal acts to get money and status.

I hope I never get so wrapped up in my own success that I forget that other people have problems that I might not know anything about.

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