Saturday, January 01, 2005

I am reminded of bell hook's statement that you can't love yourself without loving your body by this post. I feel sad that even kids in middle school are feeling the pressure to hurt their vaginas. I'm sorry, but walking around with ingrown hairs and razor burn isn't the action of a liberated actor, just as starving yourself to death isn't merely a choice. We all feel pressure to live up to a certain standard. It is most intense at younger ages.

Women know what a vagina looks like- it's men who don't. Well, not exactly men, more little boys. If all you have seen is internet porn, you get a very distorted image of women's bodies. Fake boobs, shaved vaginas(the secret is not having much pubic hair to begin with), and vacant stares. However, the thing is that porn stars are just you know, porn stars. They aren't role models.

They are actors in a sense. They are paid to portray a sexual fantasy- usually of an insatiably sexual woman. This is all well and good, but you shouldn't confuse it with real life or real women. I think the sad part of male privilege is that they feel that they can confuse movies with reality, as if all women are just playing a role for male pleasure. This is sad because they can't really connect with real women as long as they are doing this.

It's too bad that the privileged can't see how their privileges put them in a cage. Part of me mourns for them. Heterosexual men would be having much better sex if their partners felt secure in their bodies, and felt secure in their choice to say yes or no to intercourse, and never had to fake an orgasm. But to create a different world, that takes work. People would rather spend all their energy trying to avoid having any consciousness of anything at all ever than to do something to improve their lives.

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