Thursday, January 20, 2005

From Black Perspective and Introspection's comments, NmagiNate tells us all the obvious- that when people say they oppose AA because they care about 'merit' they are flat out lying in your face and think you're tricked. (either that or are drooling morons. If you don't want responsibility, well, there are consequences- I mean, if you're that stupid, you can't have much merit,eh?)

“The intervenors studied the admissions decisions during the year plaintiff Jennifer Gratz applied. They found many white students with lesser qualifications than Gratz were admitted. Of the 2,661 admitted students with lower standardized test scores and grade point averages, some 1,243 were white and 725 were black.” 47% of the students that got in ahead of Gratz were White. Only 27% were Black and other minorities composed some 26% of the students with lower GPA’s and test scores. Now, where was all the outrage about these apparent “underperforming” White students? Mind you we’re are talking about merit. Last time I checked, merit sees no color. So how is it that the overwhelming presumption is that a Black student somehow got the unfair advantage or race-based preference? Unless all students relevant scores, etc. are laid out side-by-side, there is no way of telling who would have been the one that got admitted into her spot (as if she had one with predestined for her). I’m waiting to see the reports of how Whites are being discriminated against by the institutionally sanctioned preference for some Whites (with lesser grades) over other Whites.Holding my breath... I am not.

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