Wednesday, January 19, 2005

In Cuba, fat dancers are pretty darn skinny. I usually eschew exercise- not because I hate the actual activity itself, but because it seems to be either part of a beauty culture or part of a competition culture, but never part of a fun culture. I don't know, it somehow wears on my nerves how obsessed our culture is with weight. It's even more obsessed with it than our other obsession(that's race- yes, displays of white pride/ignorance have to do with race, I think) It's like our whole lives are supposed to revolve around looking a certain way.

I understand that I am naturally thin, but you know, why do we even have to judge our fatter friends by their weight? Like if we really cared about health, we'd stop making exercise about weight and suffering, and make it about health and fun. Of course this goes along with my theory that if someone says they are for this and that, but their actions work against this and that, they really are against it. Actions always have the last say over words.

In other news, there is a great discussion going on about people of color's narratives and the oh so annoying, 'but it's not REALLY about being a person of color thing'.

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