Tuesday, January 25, 2005

2005-01-25 04:30:37 PM

2005-01-25 04:25:55 PM cheshirecatsmileyface [TotalFark] Longbothamwow. thank you! i was almost starting to miss the days when people made random assumptions about me because i was a black female. thank you for bringing those days back! i had NO IDEA i was prone to driving slow in the fast lane or be mean because i'm BLACK and FEMALE!now i know!

Watch it, he might ask why black females have 10 kids and are on welfare next, but its okay! Because he used a "serious question" precursor, which is like saying "I'm not racist, but..."

A fun post for today's fark round up! Today we have a nice post of Beyonce, that diverges into several threads- one is "let's post hot black women"- some of the most attractive black women of the day are featured. Take a look. Another is about interracial dating, in which some good thoughts are said, and there's also guys pretending that they wouldn't be on that like white on rice, which is blatently false, unless they are gay. ^_- The last one is white guys acting like huge quivering vaginas. Please stop it- it's not attractive, and you're not fooling anyone. We all know you're not geniunely put upon. Here's an example.
2005-01-25 06:46:43 PM God-is-a-Taco
6) They just aren't attracted to White men physically.
Where's the outrage? Those girls are clearly racist for not being attracted to white men. Ugh, I'm sick of being called racist because my personal preference is towards white women.
/White male, source of all evil in the world

He got a few grumpy insinuations upthread, and I've always been a bit suspicious of people saying that all black women don't turn them on. Like what's that all about? I know the Asian fetish is about some bizarre submissiveness fantasy that doesn't seem to have anything to do with any actual Asians, ever. I guess black women aren't seen as submissive and weak enough. We should always examine our preferences, because we don't prefer things in a vacuum.

The post was whiny, but the postscript is worse. He should have just said /huge quivering vagina. Yes, sometimes white men are going to be criticized for things. There's no reason why they should be exempt. Since they get such a great deal, I think a little bucking up, and possible taking it like a man is in order. They are plenty happy to dish out criticisms, as sarcastically noted in the first fark post shown, but somehow if someone gives it in turn, it's all OMG.

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