Monday, January 17, 2005

More fark posts- this clears up a common misconception so I don't have to fucking type:

2005-01-17 11:40:44 PM
Jesus 2.0

Johnny DangerHoly crap. I'm serious.shiat...I was just ignoring the post that you responded to, figuring its idiocies spoke for themselves. But since you are apparently taking it seriously, I'm going to point out its flaws, so that (hopefully) its idiocies don't spread.(1) It considers all white-on-black violence, and all black-on-white violence, to be racially motivated violence. This is false, by a long shot, in both cases.(2) It doesn't say the rate at which black people commit violence against black people, or white people against white people. I would bet cash money that "black on black" is higher than "black on white".(3) It doesn't take into account socioeconomic status. That is, poor people commit more violence (on average) than not-so-poor people, regardless of race, and a lot of black people, relatively speaking, are poor.Basically, this post is taking the two facts:(1) Poor people commit more crimes, and(2) Black people are more likely to be poor than white people,and putting them together to conclude:Black people are waging an intentional racist war of violence against white people.It's obviously idiotic, once presented step-by-step. And the reason that the author didn't present it step-by-step is that he's a racist farknut who doesn't want you to realize that his conclusion doesn't follow from his facts.

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