Saturday, January 29, 2005

Time for another fark round up:

2005-01-29 09:02:15 AM

2005-01-28 10:33:57 PM rbaron71James Woods used to date her and he said that her bush was so unkempt that he could only do her from behind.I'm sorry sir, but I'm calling a Fnorgby on you.1. James Woods is old enough to have slept with lots of women before the days of the teh shaved beaver, a fairly recent fad, and should be completely unfazed by such a 'problem'. I know I'm old enough to have done so. And if the '71' in your login is your date of birth, then so are you, unless you live in your mother's basement2. The statement just doesn't make any farking sense, anyway. Have you ever even seen a real girl naked? Oh, sorry, I forgot: Mom's basement.3. I'd fark Heather Graham if she had a goddamned mustache. 4. So would you, if she fell, unconscious, into your Mom's basement.

I agree about that statement not making any sense. If no one could do it from the front if you had pubes, the missionary position would be a really really recent invention. Internet porn is like movies- it's ok, but you know, it's not really a substitute for real life. The sad part is that some people actually think this is an adequete model for their sexual lives. No, just as action movies aren't good blueprints for real life.

2005-01-29 03:06:36 PM

I assume that everyone on these threads speaks old English. I mean, anything else is a perversion of the language. You people realize we got most of what we say from French to begin with, right? Cut the shiat, you just like being white and in control. It's one of those white privilege things. We're losing the country! They're taking our jobs! Oh god! They outsourced Ashcroft!

That's a good one! I don't like asshats like this judge. Once he threatened a woman with taking her kids away. I'm all for speaking english, but you know, what's wrong with the "well, there's a english class at the Y at 6" approach?

2005-01-29 03:16:51 PM

Hmm, slamming ebonics, blind hatred toward Mexican immigrants, and making fun of the French. One more and I think I'll have a winning Bigot Bingo card.


2005-01-29 03:35:13 PM

Shattersoul:You also can smell sarcasm a mile away. I know you believe you have no issue with any person of color, and that's adorable, but you do. I'm going so far a to say every single one of us is racist. Even more so when no one's listening. There's a problem here, you just don't see it. I'm trying to get you to stop and see that maybe, just maybe, your opinions aren't as pure as you'd like them to be. I'm not even saying you want to be racist. I'm saying this is how we were raised. We were raised to believe that difference is wrong and the only way to fight it is to stop and say, "Woah, maybe I am a little racist." We all do. Don't worry pretty baby; I still like you.

I don't get the emphasis on not having people say you are racist, versus actually not being racist in this country. Like wtf?

2005-01-29 03:36:55 PM

rfuree11...if he doesn't force something, it could be another generation sucking off the teet of the government. The mother can't get a very high paying job because of the language barrier, has to rely on Uncle Sam and the cycle continues for the daughter.rfuree11, I guarantee you, absolutely gurantee you, that your grandma & grandpa on Social Security, or the tax breaks your mother & father get, or any number of other government sponsored or funded perks White America gets, suck much, much more off the "teet of the government" than the immigrant poor ever will. Yeah I'm a whitey and I went to college on government loans that I paid back early. But I have no illusions about who the real welfare queens are in this country. Look in the mirror, kid.

Even the suburbs white people love so much are gov't funded- if they refused to pay for tons of roads and sewer to these places while we have perfectly fine land in the city, whites would be forced to live closer in, with GASP people not like them.

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