Wednesday, January 26, 2005

More fark roundup! This thread is full of idiots, apparently. I mean seriously, I understand- eurocentric beauty standard, anorexic culture, and a whole bunch of men seriously insecure about their masculinity/sexuality, but come the fuck on. Complaining about Venus and Serena should be a sign that you should come out of your mom's basement and see actual women! First off, they are athletes! Real athletes- not this whole I pretend to play tennis so I can be famous and not just be an anoymous bikini girl thing. So they are going to have muscles. Duh. Second off, anorexia is unsexy. Third off, what you see portrayed on TV as attractive isn't the only way someone can be hot. Yea, maybe you only see white people or black girls who have more white features on TV, but that's not real life. There are many more hot women than just one stereotype.

This reminds me of the whole absorbshun thing- you know- put cornstarch in your vagina because your man is too insecure about his dick size, and won't go to therapy to be bitchslapped out of it. The whole "Oh my woman has to be less, so I can be more" attitude is so dumb. If you're so insecure, build your own self up, don't tear down women.

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