Friday, January 07, 2005

Prominent black bloggers weigh in on the the Armstrong Williams affair. People of other colors may wonder why he is getting slammed in such abundantly racial terms. Of course, most of this comes from white people who are angry because it is no longer acceptable for them to use those terms, and they should do some soul searching on their parts. This man has comported himself in such a way that we are all ashamed of him. He has embarrassed his race and his country, and is just generally being a dildo. He will be condemned in strong terms by members of his group. Individualism is making its inroads into the black community, of course, with typically bad results, because every man for himself leaves every man hanging alone. However, many people, especially the old heads still embrace the feeling of community, and of responsibility to someone besides yourself. He has let us all down. He has also let himself down, but that's his own private problem.

Because they are bloggers, they don't have to be non offensive and make everyone happy. They can say what they think- even if what they think is that Williams is a handkerchief head, uncle tom coon. You can't just go and suck up to white people and do unethical things, and expect that no one is going to call you names. I bet he wishes name calling was the worst he had to deal with.

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