Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A former pro lifer talks about racism in the pro life movement. I have always wondered why they never bring up the black babies that need homes in our country, instead focusing on lines for white babies. Many blacks can only afford to adopt within the family or out of foster care, after the child has already been in the system. (full discourse: my aunt and uncle have foster kids- they really dote on them and have for years.) At least this isn't in FL, which still has a gay adoption ban, which I think is dumb. Kids need parents, and quibbling over what their parents do with other consenting adults is wasteful.

I also have a small comment to make about blogs. I think we can use blogs to raise our consciousness of issues we need to know about. It's not a replacement for a good old fashioned book, but they are free and easy. For example, here's a beautiful and inspirational sermon. I don't go to church, but it nearly brought tears to my eyes.

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