Tuesday, January 18, 2005

At Vision Circle, it is finally articulated that really bothers me about the whole bootstraps thing. It's all about keeping things the same, but the stuff that happens now pisses us off, so why would we want things to stay the same? You can't really change anything by yelling at people to pick up the trash instead of fighting for the service they deserve.

There's also a series about a black man's life experience. I have known people to work and get food stamps at the same time, and even if it doesn't seem like people are working- there are armies of kitchen beauticians, shade tree mechanics and people who will hook up your brick work for a price. People think that blacks don't work, just because they in fact are too lazy to go down and see about it themselves.

Also, college experiences. It's important to have black voices, our real authentic voices out there, telling people what it's really like. Sure, there are a zillion books, magazines, and everything else telling them. So I don't know what to do. Like why are they so eager to believe lies?

Also, it really burns me up that whites don't have to have merit, but blacks do. Pretending that's fair is a sure sign of mental illness.

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