Sunday, January 02, 2005

I was pointed to this series by P6. It's a great series(part 1, part 2, part 3), but what stuck with me the most was the idea of us all condemning a large portion of our society to a social death. People think, oh, we won't have to deal with those people if we lock them all up. But, the problem is that you can't run from your problems- you have to face them or else. Everything is so strange nowadays- there is the growing gap between the different classes of blacks, a generation reeling from the backlash of our second reconstruction- people have adapted in ways both good and bad. While I don't think people should glorify prison, if you are determined to lock everyone up- people might change their experience into a good thing in their minds.

The big thing is that we can't abandon anyone. Many whites think if they throw us away and then blame it on us, we'll go away. We will not. But they'll have problems because of it. On a related note, I wonder how people will conceptualize the rural devastation caused by meth. Mostly in news articles I see measures aimed at making the drug harder to make, not attacks on the people who use. Suspicious.

On a less serious note, Slayers Next really is more plotty than Slayers Classic. The first series has a lot of filler at the front, but I've watched like ten episodes of Slayers Next and most episodes are plot episodes. I guess this is why Next is considered the best series. All this thinking about politics is bad for my nerves, so I should watch more anime.

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