Thursday, January 20, 2005

You know, once I was arguing on the internet,and some fool said that candy bars aren't less expensive than fruit because fruit is cheaper, but I tried to talk about calories per pound,and they tried to act like candy bars weren't as filling. That's stupid- I am privileged and only really know about this because something's wrong with my body that causes me to need a lot of food or else, but an apple is way less filling than a candy bar. You can keep going on a candy bar, on fruit, you're still hungry.

My mom places a lot of emphasis on getting FULL because when she was younger, they didn't have this huge food budget we have now. I mean, yes a salad(by this I mean a healthy salad without like fried chicken in it or something) is healthier than mashed potatoes, but what's going to keep you full? It's easier to be less concerned about your meals being filling if you know you can just have another one whenever you feel like it. How people with time strapped jobs(today I noticed a big sabotage of my plans to eat healthy is simply not having time to eat) and with kids, and suchlike are supposed to eat healthy and exercise is beyond me.

Basically, right on feminist rage! Read the whole thing- it's great.

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