Saturday, January 08, 2005

This is an interesting controversy and illustrates how shallowly some people view racism. The person accusing Gillard(of the same race as me, that is black) of racism is white, and has defended the Bell Curve. However, he called Gillard racist because he got mad at Armstrong Williams and called him a nigger. The Bell Curve- that's insidious racism- convincing many whites that blacks are inferior. Steve does not think blacks are inferior, from his writings, so his n word doesn't pack the same punch as a white person, who chooses to use that word, even though most blacks are offended when they say it, blatantly disrespects us all.

It's not about making the right noises. It's about respect. Williams disrespected the human race with his selling out, which is way worse than using bad words. In Goldberg's idiotic defense of the Bell Curve, he says we don't twirl our moustaches trying to make bad things happen to gays, blacks and women, but if you support policies that will cause them problems, you are accountable for the results of those policies. It's called responsibility for one's own actions.

If you repeal hate crimes laws, you say "hey, bashing queers is ok, there shouldn't be laws against terrorizing people because they are gay", and you're going to have to deal with people who feel angry because you are totally morally bankrupt. I mean seriously, they pretend they haven't heard of mens rea, just so some good ol' boys can have sport terrorizing people for no reason, and expect us to trust them.

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