Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I am reading the book Hair Story, and am reminded why I am not so annoyed at black people(on racial issues) For black people's part, we must learn to take pride in ourselves,and learn that folks are lying when they say we are inferior, and try to do the best that we can under the circumstances. For the most part, blacks are doing this, and have done this for years. It's much less rage inducing to see people doing something, but going about it the wrong way, in your opinion, than to see people refusing to do anything and then complaining when their actions cause dislike or distrust. Even black conservatives I can forgive, because at least they make sense- they simply think that every man for himself is the best way to get ahead. They have a reasonable goal, and are trying to get there, even though it may harm us as a whole. However, white people get my ire because they simply don't understand reality at all. Look at this idiot from the commercial appeal:

'White People' comic jogs the senses
I cannot fully describe my utter disgust with "The Boondocks" comic strip of Jan. 9.
I was appalled at the hypocrisy that still exists within this country. How can we do everything legally and morally possible to eliminate racial discrimination, yet remarks and/or symbolism coming from a minority ethnic group are considered acceptable? How did your paper justify the printing of such a blatant racial disparity?
Would you have run a comic strip with such a reference to "black people"? Would the wrath of every African-American in this city not be screaming at your back door?
I consider this comic strip to be an injustice to all Americans. How can we continue in our battle to overcome ethnic differences when some are so willing to step backwards?
Denise Divine
Nesbit, Miss.

This woman doesn't even know what the word disparity means, yet she feels ok to write in whining. White people have written books like the Bell Curve to disparage blacks, they have taught that slavery was just fine, they have told themselves that we have a dysfunctional culture and that it is pathological, they are the main ones supporting that minstrel show that is mainstream rap nowadays, yet this idiot thinks that suggesting that white people run around in the snow while wearing shorts (see the comic here) is the issue when thinking about eliminating racial problems?

I mean, even the stupidest, most likely to take it up the behind without a reach around black conservative knows that things are not equal, and that we have real problems to tackle. When blacks complain about representation, it's a different thing than when whites complain. We are trying to address the stereotyping of our race as inferior, stereotyping which affects our treatment.

For every image of a white person as a person who runs around in the snow without what is considered adequate clothing to black people, there are thousands of images of whites that are positive and non stereotyped.

Of course the big central problem is that this lady is too lazy to understand racial problems. She falls for the classic white error of assuming that because people of different races are all human, that means that everything is always the same across the board. It's not.

For example, I have way more sympathy for the black man whining about the man, than a white guy whining about affirmative action. The black guy might actually have experienced discrimination, become depressed,etc. However- I have no sympathy for people who ignore real problems, and cry when they are being redressed. I guess white people think that eliminating racial discrimination means that they will not have to do anything, and that's why they are crying. They thought that magic fairies were going to make everything alright, and were disabused of the notion. Seriously, how do they think they are going to fix racism without fixing themselves? Where do they think racism comes from? The sky? Mars?

Our battle is not to 'overcome ethnic differences', it's to create a just society. Overcoming ethnic differences sounds good to whites because it gets them babied. But, they have to sacrifice something, and one of those things is not being poked fun at. Blacks have been poked fun at for years, and the fun has sometimes been vicious. Whites are just going to have to accept that no one fucking cares about their feelings, real problems should come first, and that they should grow up. They think this is still slavery times, and we gotta defer to them. Hell naw, they are just going to have to deal with humor at their expense, like everyone else.

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