Thursday, January 20, 2005

From Cobb:

"there are no negroes in America. they all changed who they were. ex-negroes are now 'black' or 'african american'. that is because they looked at the racial identity they got and the things associated with it and rejected it. they looked at what america meant by negro, they examined carefully the 'negro problem'. and they said 'i am not that'. they started from scratch with a new identity. they started with 'black is beautiful' and started calling each other 'brother' and 'sister'. They made a lot of mistakes, but after a couple of decades, the negroes were gone. They became a new people, free of the shackles of that racial identity. and they weren't finished, so they went on to 'african american'.
whitefolks stood still."

That reminds me of my childhood, so I decided to comment on it. Like when I was a teen, I looked at rap videos and said "not me" and I looked at Richard Wright and Maya Angelou and said "me". Ok, that's probably not like that at all. But hey, whatever. Here's a nice poem. Also, here's a nice example of the info you can get off the internet if you stop whining and search.

I always think it's pretty interesting how people use the issue of blacks being racist to deflect from real racism. Yes, I could tomorrow go to school, call all the white people crackers and believe that they are simply unable to understand racial concepts(a belief that seems to be shared by many whites, but I reject as it involves a racial difference in intelligence- i.e. whites being idiots. I like to believe that racist whites merely have personality flaws.) But you know what? I'm just one chick. Yea, your ego gets bruised, but I don't have the power to fuck you over real bad.

If racism was like that, like you know, it was just two rednecks on a porch saying "damn niggers" I wouldn't mind it so much. There's a huge difference between damn niggers and large amounts of people trying to protect the concept of whites only.(I think practice is more important than theory- if your idea is neutral in theory, but racist in practice, it's a racist idea. )

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