Saturday, January 15, 2005

More about Affirmative Action. Whites complaining about it makes me feel resentful. The thing is that most blacks have average intelligence, so you aren't fooling them when you talk about 'merit'. We know you mean 'white skin' mostly, and a 'penis' too. Otherwise, you would be worried about the white male idiots that can't do their jobs. We also know you don't really care about discrimination. Come on- if you really cared, you'd be too busy working on real cases of discrimination, on everything from houses built on superfund sites to kids being disciplined more harshly in schools than whites. Not to mention the fact that you'd also be aware of the hundreds of years of discrimination against blacks, instead of being so ignorant that you think this is the only case of so called racial discrimination ever. We also know you don't care about black kids, as sometimes you lie, and say "well, AA seems to say they can't make it on their own"

No, idiot, they could make it on their own if you weren't trying to stop them. They wouldn't need AA if whites tried not to be racist, or men tried not to be sexist, but dismantling the whole program, and then blaming us for the problems caused is likely to be the result. The whole thing is VERY insulting to the intelligence, as we're supposed to not see the extremely thinly veiled racism. By racism, I mean real racism- I don't get the whole "we can dish it out, but not take it" thing.

I mean,consequences of your own actions, people. Treat people like dirt like lying like the above, and guess what? they won't like you. Act decent or shut up. Of course, that sort of lying makes me uncomfortable- because I don't think the whole "withhold opportunities and then blame people for having problems" approach is very moral.

Also, the whiners tend to be people like this: whiny whites who think that actually learning things in college is oppression. I mean, it's COLLEGE. You're supposed to read books in college. If you don't want to learn anything, there are special colleges for you. Go to them- don't go to normal college and expect to come out dumb as a doornail.

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