Friday, January 07, 2005

Too bad the people who need to get this won't. Too bad that they don't understand that if people are still alive that did all that mess, and even worse, the people who just stood by and thought that was a perfectly acceptable way to act, that they can't just assume racism is over. Racism will never be over unless whites give it up- to do that, they would have to critically examine themselves, make amends for past injustice, and then make sure that it never happens again. The last part is the hardest, and the saddest. Even though I feel sorrow, I can't do their work for them.

The broad failure of white societies to ask themselves not just what wrong they have done, but more searchingly, why they continue to do them, allows a permanent life for the central flaw at those societies' moral core.- Randall Robinson, Quitting America, P. 117

The main moods of this book are sorrow and anger. Sorrow that we have allowed our civilization to be degraded, and anger that we refuse to do anything to recover it. He mourns for our loss of a moral core, although he enjoys the society of some people on the island of St Christopher.. I of course think that we should try to rebuild our society on bonds of love, but it's all very different when you are older. I don't blame him- when you're an old man, it's hard to get the energy to fit any longer for people who don't give a damn about you. When I'm old, I'll be bitter, but I haven't gotten around to that yet.

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